Friday, November 22, 2013

Views from the Princess Throne

Regardless of our long drive on Saturday we were well rested and on the road early the next morning. The moon is still high in the sky.


With the sunrise in our rear view mirror indicating we’re heading in the right direction and another great day.



There’s hope for us yet . . .










or maybe not.


We are obviously beyond all Hope.




This is the GPS program the Cowboy uses to navigate our travels. Microsoft Streets and Trips on his laptop that sits on the dash with the annoying voice turned off.


We know we’re in the south when we see cotton fields.

And here comes the food porn . . .







Late morning and our destination nearing we stop at Flying J – fuel for the coach and for us too. Denny’s skillet breakfast for the Cowboy and Moon over My Hammy for me. Excellent food and great service.


Here’s where we are calling ‘home’ for the next few days.

The view from our front window:


and from where I am sitting right now:


Just wondering . . .


Betty Graffis said...

Oh my Gosh, I have been way behind on reading my blogs. So good to see you on here. Looking forward to following your travels where ever they may lead you.

Jim and Sandie said...

Love the sunrise in your mirror. Definitely headed the right direction.

George Yates said...

Nice that you are settled in for a few days there, hang tight for a bit until this cold front wanders on by.
We use the Streets and trips program too, works great.
Travel safe.

Princess Lazee said...

Hi Betty - I'm way behind on my reading too but quickly took a look at your blog and see that there are lots of wonderful things happening in your world. So happy for you. Thanks for your sweet words and Take Care. Sharon

Princess Lazee said...

Sandie - I just can't keep up with you . . . where do you get all that energy? Thank You for all of your wonderful comments. Sharon

Princess Lazee said...

Hey George - It's cooler and raining here too but it might make you feel better if you take a look at the forecast back in Ontario. Just sayin'. Hi to
Suzie and Safe Travels. Sharon

Joan Lepoudre said...

Hi there you two--- finally have your blog. Had to get another computer. Can you believe it!! "#3". Well up and going now. Glad you are not in snow. I'll be using computer from now on. Glad you two are near your destination.